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The Curiosity Approach


Here are Chugger's, we have adapted The Curiosity Approach into our Nursery and have revamped areas and changed the way we plan activities, to encourage children to use their natural curiosity. This is a modern approach that fits perfectly into current changing technological times. Bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into early childhood and creating the 'thinkers and doers of the future'.  Since developing The Curiosity Approach, we have learned that by getting the learning environment right, we are taking massive action in embedding and protecting the innate skills of the child; curiosity, awe and wonder. The learning environment should be your 'buddy', your 'best friend' who supports you in nurturing these miracles we are presented with each day. So treat 'her' well and look after her carefully for together you will create environments that are worthy of children's immense capabilities. 

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